Your Guide to Debt and BankruptcyYour Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

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Your Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

About 10 years ago, I secured my dream job with one of the largest corporations in the country. The job came with a substantial increase in pay and I soon looked for a large house for my family. After living the life I dreamed of, I was let go from my current position. I had a large amount of savings, but the economy took a turn for the worse and savings were quickly drained. I soon became stressed about finances. I could not pay the mortgage and bill collectors started to call my house. I refused to be defeated though, so I met with a bankruptcy attorney instead. I live a much simpler life now with my family, and I want you to know that financial stress does not have to affect you for years. Read my blog to learn about bankruptcy, debt laws, and how to hire an attorney.

What Strategies Can An Asset Protection Attorney Use For An Average Citizen?

When most people hear the term "asset protection," they tend to think it's only for the wealthy. But even average citizens need to be thinking about protecting their wealth. And here's just one reason: Did you know that the average American pays nearly 24% of their income in taxes? And with the recent changes in tax laws, it's more important than ever to make sure you're doing everything you can to keep as much of your hard-earned cash as possible. Read More 

How Does An Estate Planning Attorney Protect Your Wealth For Future Generations?

Estate planning is an important process for anyone who wants to ensure their wealth is adequately protected and passed on to future generations. A good estate plan can help you determine what assets should be allocated and how, as well as make sure your wishes are carried out after you're gone. Hiring a qualified estate planning attorney can be beneficial, as they have the knowledge and experience to craft a well-thought-out plan that will protect your wealth now and in the future. Read More 

Using A Bail Bondsman

For the vast majority of people, bail can be an effective option to allow them to leave custody while they await their trial. While bail is an instrumental part of the criminal justice system, it is common for individuals to not be informed or prepared to use these services when they have a loved one that is needing to be bailed out of jail. Will You Have To Physically Transfer The Collateral To The Bondsman? Read More 

Negotiating And Being Paid What You Deserve

It's important to know what you deserve after a car accident. The at-fault driver owes you and you can be paid but having a personal injury lawyer to help you is vital. Read on to learn about the negotiation process and how to ask for what you deserve. Ask for the Money The other driver's insurance company may offer you a monetary settlement. Don't be shocked, though, when the amount is low. Read More 

How To Receive Hundreds Of Dollars For Each Spam Call

If you do not want to be spammed with unsolicited phone calls, it's always a good idea to get placed on a Do Not Call registry. Unfortunately, even when your phone is placed on the registry, you will continue to receive unwanted phone calls. For this reason, you'll want to get in contact with a lawyer who specializes in stopping robocalls. Not only can you send a message to the scammers who send so many robocalls but you might also be able to earn some money in the process. Read More