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Your Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

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Marital Problems: How A Divorce Attorney Can Help & The Average Cost To Hire One

A marriage that involves a lot of arguing can be frustrating to experience. You may want to seek help from a divorce attorney to come up with a solution to put an end to the bickering between you and your spouse. Below, find out how an attorney can help you resolve your marital problems and the average cost for hiring one:

How Can a Divorce Attorney Help Resolve Marital Problems?

Although a divorce attorney is known for helping people divorce their spouse, he or she may also be hired for guidance on saving a marriage. The attorney will talk to you about how it is living with your spouse and the main type of issues that cause arguments. If you and your spouse are simply lacking communication techniques, the attorney may refer you to a marriage counselor. Going through counseling and temporarily separating may help save the marriage.

However, if your spouse is unwilling to work on saving the marriage, the best solution may be to proceed with a divorce. You can divorce your spouse even if he or she does not agree if there are irreconcilable difference in the marriage, depending on the laws in the state you live in. An attorney can draft up the divorce documents and file them at the courthouse for you. The court will notify your spouse about it by serving him or her papers.

If there are children involved in the marriage, it must be determined who will have custody of them. Joint custody is the most ideal if your spouse is a good parent. You can fight for full custody if your think it is in the best interest of the children. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on custody, the court will have to decide. The divorce will also involve the settlement of assets, alimony and child support payments.

How Much Does it Cost for a Divorce Attorney to Help Resolve Marital Problems?

Each attorney will have his or own set of fees, but it is common to be charged by the hour. Your total cost will be based on how long the divorce case last and the amount of investigating involved. You can expect to pay an average up to $400 per hour unless you hire a lawyer that charges a flat fee, which can average up to $25,000.

No matter how your marital situation is resolved, you deserve a peaceful life. Hire a divorce attorney to help you make the right decision about your marriage. To learn more, contact a company like Harold Jarnicki Attorney At Law with any questions you have.