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Your Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

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Three Ways To Get Ready For Giving A Testimony For A Custody Hearing

If you are going through a custody battle with your child's other parent and your case has gone to trail, you are most likely going to have to testify. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare to testify in front of a family court judge.

#1 Remember That The Judge Has Limited Knowledge Of Your Case

First off, you need to remember that the judge has limited knowledge of your case. Remember that the judge is not functioning from a position where they have the same knowledge that you do. Keep in mind when the judge asks you questions that they are trying to understand the exact situation at hand that is being discussed, which is the custody of your children. The judge is not privy to all the facts of your divorce; they are just concerned with the custom issue at hand

#2 Keep In Mind That The Scope Is Really Small

When you go to family court for an issue over custody, the scope of the trail and the questions that you will be asked to answer will focus specifically on the case at hand. For example, if you can't agree to a custody schedule, that will be what the court focuses on, not if one of you is unfit to have physical custody of your children. If the issue at hand is who should have physical custody, then that will be the focus of the case.

Remember this small scope when you go up to testify as you answer questions. All questions asked should focus on the specific issues at hand; new custody issues should not be raised.

#3 Work With Your Lawyer

For a successfully day in the courtroom, you really need to work closely with your lawyer. Work together to create a specific and strategic plan for your testimony. Keep this plan in mind and practice going over the questions with your lawyer that they plan on asking you. Ask your lawyer to prepare you for cross examination as well so you are not thrown off by the other attorney's questions.

Be sure that you are truthful with your lawyer while you are preparing for your custody hearing. Share all relevant information with them, and if you think something is important, let them know. Don't hide or lie about unflattering information; your attorney needs to know everything about the case, good and bad, in order to prepare effectively and present your side. 

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