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Your Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

About 10 years ago, I secured my dream job with one of the largest corporations in the country. The job came with a substantial increase in pay and I soon looked for a large house for my family. After living the life I dreamed of, I was let go from my current position. I had a large amount of savings, but the economy took a turn for the worse and savings were quickly drained. I soon became stressed about finances. I could not pay the mortgage and bill collectors started to call my house. I refused to be defeated though, so I met with a bankruptcy attorney instead. I live a much simpler life now with my family, and I want you to know that financial stress does not have to affect you for years. Read my blog to learn about bankruptcy, debt laws, and how to hire an attorney.

5 Ways An FLSA Attorney Can Help You

When you're treated unfairly by your employer, it can be a frustrating and upsetting experience. You deserve to be treated fairly and get the payment and benefits that you're entitled to. If you've been taken advantage of or if your employer is refusing to honor things like overtime pay or minimum wage, you want to make sure that you get legal counsel. An attorney can help protect your rights. Keep reading to better understand the many ways in which an FLSA attorney can help you. 

Determine if You Have a Case

FLSA attorneys and employment law attorneys deal with a mix of cases every day. They have the experience and knowledge needed to determine if a case is valid. They can take a look at your individual situation, and the type of job and employment that you have, and see what laws, if any, were broken. It's important that you first speak with an attorney to make sure that your case is worth fighting for. 

They Fight to Receive Payment You Are Owed

If you have a valid case and your employer is not honoring the laws that are in place, the lawyer will fight to get you the payments that you are owed. In many cases, companies try to get away with not paying overtime payments to their employees. Your attorney will work hard to get you this money. 

They Can Fight Wrongful Retaliation

If you've discussed your legal concerns with your employer and they're retaliating against you, this is wrong. Cutting your hours, firing you, or making threats due to your filing an FLSA claim is illegal. A skilled attorney will work to fight against this unfair treatment. 

They Can Work to Change Job Classification

Some employers attempt to misclassify certain jobs to get away with meeting FLSA standards. If your employer is doing this to you, you'll want to make sure they change your job classification so that you get the benefits that you deserve. An attorney can help you fight this. 

Save on Stress and Upset

Trying to battle an FLSA case alone can be exhausting, confusing, and stressful. Make sure that you have an experienced attorney on your side so that you can save on stress and avoid becoming upset. 

There are many ways in which an FLSA is there to help you through your workplace and employment law issues. Contact an attorney today to begin discussing your legal concerns.