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When You Get Injured In A Store Because You Slip And Fall

When you slip and fall, there are a number of common injuries that can occur. You might get bruised, suffer a dislocated joint, or even hit your head and have to deal with a traumatic brain injury. If the slip and fall accident happens within a store, it is likely that the store can be held liable for your injuries. When you are using the property as intended and something happens to cause you to slip and fall, premises liability establishes that the store owner might be liable. The property is supposed to be inspected and safe for anyone that comes to the store to do business.

The Property Upkeep and Your Injuries

If you fall because there is a spill on the floor that hasn't been picked up, this is a clear indication that the property owner is liable. In many cases, liability is not so clear. When the store has been cared for and inspected by the owner and there are methods in place to deal with any emergencies, liability may be harder to prove. A slip and fall attorney will understand your case and may be able to determine why the store should be held accountable for your injuries.

Reasons a Store Might be Liable For Your Injuries

Beyond keeping floors clean and keeping lighting in good shape, there are other reasons a retail store might cause you injuries that could have been avoided. Product displays too close together can be dangerous, and too many people shopping at one time can cause an accident. If you get hurt because another customer pushes you out of the way trying to grab a sale item before you, the store can be liable for your injuries.

Establishing Your Injuries

When you slip and fall, you need to seek medical care to establish what your injuries are. Your slip and fall lawyer will be able to negotiate compensation when you can show that your injuries are a direct cause of the slip and fall. You will need to work with your treatment providers and continue with treatment for your injuries until you are discharged.

Premises liability is important when you are hurt because of a slip and fall accident in a retail establishment. The owner needs to keep the property safe for anyone doing business, and you have the right to shop without getting injured. If you slip and fall, an attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.