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When It Might Be A Good Idea To Consult With A Family Lawyer For Child Custody Matters

Child custody is something you want to correctly handle as a parent if a divorce is looming. It can sometimes create problems that you want to resolve before things escalate. Here are several situations that would be better managed by a family lawyer in particular.

The Other Parent Isn't Following Custody Orders

You might get through a divorce just fine and work out custody issues. Then after some time has passed, the other parent decides to go against what they originally agreed upon. They may try to take your child during the weekdays when they're supposed to only have them on the weekends, for instance.

If this is happening to you, bringing in a family lawyer that is experienced with child custody matters is a great step you can take. They'll talk about all of your options, whether it's putting in an official complaint or having custody revoked entirely for the parent that's not following the rules.

Parent Plans to Move Far Away

You may think you have child custody worked out where you and the other parent have equal visitation. Things can get thrown off, though, when the other parent decides to move far away. How would you handle the logistics of sending the child back and forth?

You need to work with a family lawyer to figure out these important matters. They'll assess the impact of the move and its legality in regards to the custody of the children. If the move proves to be impactful in a bad way, the family lawyer may help you amend custody so that it doesn't create more strain on the family.

You're Prevented From Seeing Your Child

If you work things out in court to see your children a certain number of times in the week or month, then you expect these dates to be honored by the other parent involved. This doesn't always happen and some parents try to isolate their children entirely.

You deserve to see your children if it's mandated and a family lawyer can help ensure your rights are upheld. They can help you take legal action, too, if the other parent tries anything drastic. 

Things don't always work out smoothly when child custody is involved. As long as you know when you're being treated unfairly by the other parent, it will be a lot easier to quickly respond with professional help from a family lawyer. They won't stop until an effective solution is provided. 

Contact a local family law firm to learn more.