Your Guide to Debt and BankruptcyYour Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

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Your Guide to Debt and Bankruptcy

About 10 years ago, I secured my dream job with one of the largest corporations in the country. The job came with a substantial increase in pay and I soon looked for a large house for my family. After living the life I dreamed of, I was let go from my current position. I had a large amount of savings, but the economy took a turn for the worse and savings were quickly drained. I soon became stressed about finances. I could not pay the mortgage and bill collectors started to call my house. I refused to be defeated though, so I met with a bankruptcy attorney instead. I live a much simpler life now with my family, and I want you to know that financial stress does not have to affect you for years. Read my blog to learn about bankruptcy, debt laws, and how to hire an attorney.

Acquire Assistance From A Remote General Counsel

Company policies, impending financial transactions, and altercations between a consumer and an employee may require legal aid. A remote general counsel is a legal advisor who works offsite. A person with this title can help you navigate your way through critical matters and will assist you with making sound decisions that are beneficial to your company.

The Counsel's Role

Operating a business requires commitment from every member of your team. Revising a manual or implementing new rules could cause friction within the workplace. Big purchases, the expansion of your business, or a legal dispute that will require you to attend a court hearing are some additional things that you could ultimately be faced with. With the help of a remote general counsel, you will receive legal guidance that is sound.

A general counsel may conduct phone or video conferences, which will allow you to communicate with each other in real-time. A counsel will overlook your business plan and review any impending issues that are affecting the manner in which your business operates.

A counsel will be receptive to looking over documents that you must sign and will help you determine if a particular decision will be in your favor, prior to you making any commitment on your part. A remote general counsel can also assist with ensuring that your business is upholding its legal responsibilities. 

Your First Meetings

Interviewing potential candidates for a remote general counsel position is important. The person who you ultimately hire should be someone with whom you are comfortable divulging information to. Speak at length with each candidate and inquire about their credentials. Find out what type of remote work they have previously done. If you would like to have your new general counsel fully-committed to matters that take place within your place of business, make sure that the person who you hire is not currently serving another business owner.

Upon hiring a general counsel, you will need to acclimate the individual to the manner in which you operate your business. Exchanging important documents with your legal aid will help them get a better grasp on what you have previously encountered or what you are currently dealing with. There may be occasions in which you will need to meet your counsel face-to-face. Although a remote worker may conduct most of their work from an outside office, they may also be receptive to conducting physical meetings once in a while.

For more information on remote general counsel, contact a company near you.