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What Can A Disability Claims Attorney Do If Your Claim Is Rejected?

Are you wondering about the next step after a denial of your application for social security disability benefits? Is hiring a lawyer to help with your claim beneficial? If so, how can they help? When you have the misfortune of rejection, there are several ways an experienced disability claims attorney will aid your appeal process:

1. Review Criteria for Denial

If your application for benefits is rejected and you want to appeal, your lawyer will investigate why there was a rejection. An attorney can often find creative ways for clients to submit new facts about illnesses and work history that were not addressed in the initial application. 

Whether you need to challenge only part of your application or the entire complaint has been reviewed, the amount of work required to prepare your appeal can vary.

2. Collecting and Presenting Missing Evidence

Your attorney collects and presents all your medical documents to create an effective case for your appeal. For a person with a disability, submitting an application to the SSA should be sufficient. 

But medical records, on the other hand, are important evidence of how your injury affected you. The lawyer will ensure that you have all the required documents to strengthen the appeal.

3. Providing Evidence of Inadequate Income

Your application may be rejected because your income seems sufficient to meet your basic needs. A disability claims attorney can determine why your income and the costs deducted from your check are insufficient to meet your basic needs. They can also show that you cannot work because of illness and not because you chose not to work.

4. Show Evidence of Treatment Compliance

It is important to follow your doctor's recommended treatment. Doing this will indicate that you are following treatment instructions and will help facilitate the processing of your appeal through administrative review. Your lawyer will prove this in your appeal.

5. Keep Track of the Correspondence

If you do not cooperate with the Social Security Administration, your application may be rejected. Your lawyer ensures that you do not miss any communication during your complaint. In this way, you will not miss the hearings and medical examinations needed as part of your appeal.

It is not uncommon for a claim for social security disability benefits to be dismissed, so it is wise to look for a professional legal representative for your complaint. Book for a consultation with a disability claims attorney to explore ways for a successful appeal.